What I Do

I'm a maker, an imagination-realiser. I turn ideas into code. Beautiful code.

Mostly in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I'm really fond of Tailwind, Vue, Livewire, Alpine.js and Laravel. I can make some great software really quickly with these awesome tools and I'm pretty good at it.

That code does stuff that matters - whatever matters to you. Like getting data from A to B, selling your product, fighting fraud, shipping goods around the world, integrating multiple systems (such as your ERP, CRM, ESP, CMS and eCommerce) into one to improve your efficiency and make your team happy, automating your business.

I consult with a number of startups across a variety of industries. Sometimes that means getting my hands dirty and writing code, but often it also means simply applying my decades of experience to the problems they're trying to solve to find new ways for them to grow, simplify and improve.

I particularly enjoy working closely with other engineers, solving problems together, being decisive, and helping them to focus to stay lean and build rapidly.

More than just technical knowledge, this comes down to mentoring, finding out what makes someone tick as an individual and as part of a group.

It also involves identifying the splinters and papercuts in their day-to-day and choosing appropriate tools and workflows, configuring for happiness so they can be more satisfied and productive.

I've done this for countless businesses and startups, but perhaps most notably for Elvie, having built many of the systems and processes now in place to support their development of innovative female health & wellbeing products.

Doing this in a lean way that scales is believed to be the thing that only well-funded startups or large enterprises are capable of.

I'm here to prove to you that you don't need millions in funding to get there. Don't buy into that hype!

It doesn't cost the earth to reap the benefits of a top-tier digital team, to build a digital strategy and execute on the vision.

Let's start today! Book a free chat with me and let's talk about the problems you're trying to solve.

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