Open Source

🆓 NativePHP

NativePHP is a new way to build native apps using the tools you already know and love: Laravel, HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of Electron or Tauri.

🆓 The OG

The OG is an image generator written in pure PHP, ideally suited to generating OpenGraph images for your pages, blog posts, product listings and more. Make your content look great on social media for free!

🆓 Laravel Nova CSV Import

A fully-fledged CSV and Excel import tool for Laravel Nova. Built on top of the excellent Laravel Excel.

💰 Gitamic

A premium Statamic add-on that lets you manage your Statamic site's Git repository from your CP.

🆓 This site

You can see everything on this site over on GitHub: grab it, re-work it, do what you want. Just remember the content itself has a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, so if you choose to re-publish or-re-work it, you must afford others the same opportunity.

🆓 Cronikl

Cronikl is a NativePHP app for macOS that lets you set up and run scheduled tasks. It's more accessible than cron and way more accessible than launchd. It's partly a demonstration of NativePHP, but it's a neat little app in its own right.


I try to contribute features and fixes to various open source projects that I use. Here are some of the highlights (nothing groundbreaking!):

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