Open Source

🆓 NativePHP

NativePHP is a new way to build native apps using the tools you already know and love: Laravel, HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of Electron or Tauri.

🆓 Laravel Nova CSV Import

A fully-fledged CSV and Excel import tool for Laravel Nova. Built on top of the excellent Laravel Excel.

💰 Gitamic

A premium Statamic add-on that lets you manage your Statamic site's Git repository from your CP.

🆓 This site

You can see everything on this site over on GitHub: grab it, re-work it, do what you want. Just remember the content itself has a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, so if you choose to re-publish or-re-work it, you must afford others the same opportunity.

🆓 Cronikl

Cronikl is a NativePHP app for macOS that lets you set up and run scheduled tasks. It's more accessible than cron and way more accessible than launchd. It's partly a demonstration of NativePHP, but it's a neat little app in its own right.


I try to contribute features and fixes to various open source projects that I use. Here are some of the highlights (nothing groundbreaking!):

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