Stop Trying to Reach the Top

9th Apr '151 of your Earth minutes


Read this. Were you hit by Google Panda? Will you be hit when they start penalising non-mobile sites?

The lesson? Stop trying to reach the top of Google. You’ll live longer/keep more of your natural hair/knit more jumpers/grow more hay etc etc.

Also: stop demanding that Google keep being as generous as they have been! You sound spoiled. You brat.

Stop relying on one popular brand/service. Ever heard of keeping all your eggs in one basket. Unless you want broken eggs… I’m sure scrambled-off-the-floor has a unique, perhaps even Heston-esque, taste to it.

But if you prefer dirt-free, poached perfection, drizzled with warm Hollandaise, get a couple more baskets.

Trust me, it goes much better with smoked salmon.

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