Starting Today

24th Dec '151 of your Earth minutes

Starting Today

I’m 30 today. Some would say I’m past my prime. But I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of positivity towards the rest of my life.

The first 30 years have been filled with growth, learning, angst, pressure and a bundle of other wonderfully weird things (and people).

At this self-made milestone I feel like a bottled whisky. A tasty and wonderful opportunity now lies ahead.

And the things I want to do? Keep growing, learning, having awkward moments, being put under pressure. Why?

Well those things got me this far, and here isn’t a bad place at all.

It’ll be different though. That’s the thing about life, it’s cumulative. It’s not a bunch of resets. It’s a growing collection of experiences.

So here’s to (at least) 30 more years of experiences.

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