11th Sep '231 of your Earth minutes


I originally wrote this 1 year ago today but didn't publish it.

Just a little flicker,
That’s all it takes.
Makes smaller and lighter
Until it’s all erased.

Can’t get close to touch.
Intense – it’s just too much.
Life is drawn: out and up
And away, away, away.

A tiny flicker,
That’s how it starts.
My heart’s beating quicker
As it tears our world apart.

One more lick
That laps at me;
It burns my heart,
I can't break free.

The heat gets thicker,
The smoke increases.
The wall of flames
Envelopes everything.

It's all food that
Makes the fire tall
And my tears disappear
Before they fall.

"When will the last flicker fade?"

#notadesigner • #sometimesitworks

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